Tactical Training is “Game On”

How many could have been saved?

How many could have been saved in Paris, France, or San Bernardino, CA,  had there been, on site, a courageous individual willing to use a concealed carry handgun?

Anyone who has taken our Concealed Carry class was presented with multiple scenarios regarding the use of deadly force. By the end of the second day of training, every man and woman participant asks the question, “Do I have the skills necessary to defend myself, or another, by using deadly force?”

The anti-gunners in this country naturally would say, “No, you don’t…so why even try to be a hero? Why not call 911 and hide until the real professionals arrive!?”

They refuse to concede the fact that an active shooter can kill dozens before the police respond.

Terrorists now walk among us in our nation’s suburbs and in our shopping malls. The notion that you only need to carry when taking a short cut down a Chicago back alley, is an old philosophy.

Not one permit holder, that I know, hopes for an AK-wielding terrorist to jump out in front of them at Woodfield Mall. The question, however, still remains – “If it happens to me, am I skilled enough to put him down hard?”

Take your time shooting from behind the bench and you might achieve some good shot groups and bragging rights. But if you want to achieve the confidence that prepares an individual for a deadly force encounter, you must push yourself to the next level of training.

Over the years, the terrorists have learned from us. Their readiness for a fight has increased exponentially. So why does a CCW permit holder stop training after his beginner class?

This writing is a plea for all CCW permit holders to take advantage of our instructors, our classes, and our facility – designed for tactical training. Don’t stop training after your obtaining your CCW, or completing a beginner class, with a “good enough” attitude. If you can’t find an advanced handgun class that fits into your schedule, call us for a private advanced class that has you employing tactics and combat shooting down range.

Through advanced handgun training your confidence and performance under stress will improve, no doubt about it. OnTarget wants all of our concealed carry alumni to improve…but more importantly, we want you, your loved ones, and all those around you to survive.

Join us for our next CCW mixer, scheduled for January 30, 2016, which will focus on advanced handgun skills training.