Range Repair Update – “Guns Up” at OnTarget Range!

Many of our members and regular customers have often heard the term “Guns Up!” when visiting OnTarget. Generally speaking, the term is shouted within the pro shop, and to our sales associates, when we just completed some range repair and the range is back “up” again.

For those of you who ever had to wait for a shooting lane, it’s time that you know the “rest of the story.”

This winter, we had a bad streak of “down” shooting lanes both on our rifle and pistol ranges. The manufacturer of our target carrier system was honest enough, after numerous meetings and repair missions,
to admit that there were some initial design flaws attributed to their own personnel during the installation phase.

Listed below are several mechanical reasons why we had problems with the lanes:

• The pulley system was left uncovered and the pulleys were not deep cut enough to keep the cable within.
• The carrier tracks were too long thus allowing rubber from our berm
to bounce into the track causing the cable to jump the pulleys.
• Cover trays were not installed just before the shooting bench to prevent brass casings from bouncing into the track.
• Cable spacers within the track popped loose causing the cables to fray and break.
• Electrical shorts within the motor drive units (the boxes above the shooting bench) caused the keypads to function incorrectly.

Since we opened, OnTarget maintenance personnel have been working feverishly each day to correct what we could by running new cable and finding ways to solve the above issues.

Thanks to our own maintenance staff and manufacturer repairmen, we have finally managed to solve most of the target system’s problems. In the last three weeks, we have had fewer down lanes than our first three years in operation.

The good news for our shooters is that the worst is finally over. With more lanes running in peak condition, the wait times have decreased. There are, however, a few more ways for our customers to help maintain our beautiful range:

• Be careful of your trajectory when shooting. When you line up your sights, be sure that your bullet will impact in the rubber backstop rather than the ceiling, floor, and walls. An additional cause of lane failure is when a round hits a ceiling baffle and is directed downward into a target carrier track. The poorly aimed rounds have snapped cables and shattered trolley wheels.
• Please do not slam your target carrier trolley into the “T” bar at the back of the range or by the bench. The sudden stop can knock the cable from the pulley. Orange flags have been placed on the far end of the rifle range so the shooter will know when his target is nearing the maximum distance at 50 yards.
• Rapid fire is not allowed due to the un-aimed rounds slamming into anything besides your target or the berm.
• Always fire approved ammunition only. Tracers, incendiary, armor piercing, and steel core ammo will wreak havoc on any indoor range and berm.
• When introducing new shooters to the sport, please make sure that they are holding the firearm correctly and that their rounds will impact the berm behind their targets.
• The system is designed to hold paper targets only. Large pieces of cardboard brought in by some shooters places extra weight on the carrier and more stress on the motors.

Our maintenance staff will always be correcting range issues but with your help, we can all keep the lanes functioning to better serve our customers.
If you haven’t visited us recently we urge you to hurry back. We’re back to “Guns Up!” at OnTarget…your resource for shooting excellence.
Tom Dorsch