Perpetrator Interactive, Live-Fire Pistol Training Course

Live-Fire, Pistol Training Course vs. Remote Control, Shoot Back 3D Robot

The Perpetrator is a remote controlled, moving target that is 3-dimensional and not paper

Course includes:
1) Safety briefing,
2) Pistol instructional drills (including; presentation, reloading, movement, shooting behind cover)
3) Skills Test: Scenario Shootouts vs. Perpetrator Target System
4) Scenario Videos to be posted at:

Equipment needed:
1. Pistol, (3) magazines, 150 rounds ammunition, holster, magazine holder
2. Paintball mask provided if needed (bringing your own is recommended)
3. Low profile ear muffs or ear plugs (must fit underneath paintball mask)
4. Groin cup, gloves suggested
• Course requires valid FOID/CCW AND 4 hour pistol course training
• Payment must be received to guarantee your spot! Spots fill quickly!

See videos at

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Name: ______________________________
Previous Formal Training: Yes___ (Mark: Military__Police__NRA__CCW__) No___
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Pistol Training Course & Multiple Scenarios = $195 Total
Pistol Training Course & ONE Scenario = $150
(2) Sign Ups = 10% OFF

Payment Information:

1. Registration form,
2. Copy of FOID/CCW Permit,
3. Payment submitted to guarantee your class.
PayPal to:
Check to:
P.O. Box 8225
Bartlett, IL 60103

Date, Location & Time:

6AM – 930AM
Nov. 15th, 2014 at OnTarget Range located at 560 Beechcraft Ln. Crystal Lake, IL 60012

For more information phone:

Phone:  855.95.ROBOT  (855.957.6268)