Liver Donor Found for Chris Twardy!

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Since the beginning of 2015, OnTarget’s very own Chris Twardy has been our charity cause of the first three quarters, not as the recipient of charitable funds but as the hopeful recipient of another liver. Last year, Chris was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease. Wilson’s is a degenerative disease that aggressively attacked Chris’s liver. The medications bought some time but ultimately, Chris would require a new organ or else…

May God bless our customers who stepped forward!

After extensive tests and blood work at the beginning of 2015, OnTarget personnel were found to be incompatible and unable to donate. We then presented Chris’s situation to our customers with a glimmer of hope that someone would step forward and at least attempt to donate a portion of their liver to save his life. Well, Chris did not find a few heroic individuals to step up, but found FIFTEEN of our customers who volunteered to undergo the testing!!! While many volunteers did not pass the initial screenings for a number of reasons, at least three made the trip to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and went through a day of blood testing and an MRI. It all came down to one brave and selfless donor who endured all the tests and was found to be the right match.

The Liver is an amazing organ!

The decisive question that a potential donor must contemplate is this: “Knowing that the human liver regenerates and grows back to its normal size, would I be willing to give up a portion of my healthy liver to save a life?” One special individual must have asked this very question of herself and of her family. The answer, fortunately for Chris, came with a resounding “yes!”

The name of Chris’s savior is Cindy Greisz. This wonderful woman shoots at OnTarget and has taken a few of our classes. Chris and the OnTarget staff were all ecstatic when we heard the amazing news that Chris had found his living donor. The transplant will take place in September at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The surgeon involved is among the best in the field and has performed over 100 of these surgeries…all successfully.

Following the operation, Chris and Cindy will remain in the hospital under close observation for about a week or two before convalescing at home. THANK YOU CINDY and your family for coming to Chris’s rescue! You are indeed an angel of mercy. OnTarget would also like to recognize once again the “true” heroes who answered our plea, assessed the risks, and had the guts to make that initial phone call. The overwhelming response to help Chris, filled us all with pride and emotion as the true American character of giving and compassion surfaced again and shone brightly for all of us to witness. We ask all of you to please pray for Chris and Cindy’s successful transplantation and for their fast recovery following the surgery.

May God bless you all.
Tom and the OnTarget Staff