Chris Twardy’s Liver Transplant – a Smashing Success!

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On Thursday, September 24, 2015, OnTarget’s Chris Twardy and Cindy Greisz began their morning unsure of how the day would end. After 12 grueling hours of transplant surgery for Chris and three hours of surgery for Cindy, the operation was an absolute success!

Cindy gave up about two thirds of her own liver so Chris may live. The amazing mother of three girls and a son remains in good spirits at home as she begins the two to three month recovery period allowing her remaining liver to regenerate to its original size. Chris is naturally still convalescing as well and faces a longer healing period as his body adapts to Cindy’s donated organ.

On the physical plane, a doctor’s skilled hands worked their magic and have given Chris another chance with a new liver. Another doctor, in the adjacent operating room, skillfully took from Cindy her perfectly normal liver so that another human being can live.

On the spiritual plane, I find it hard to discount the thousands of customers who have offered their prayers for Chris and Cindy. Apparently, the cosmic tumblers have all clicked into place and our prayers have indeed worked for this amazing man and woman.

I cannot say enough good words about Cindy. She had openly accepted the risks with courage, grace, and humility. She is a hero in the most complete sense of the word. Seeking nothing more than giving another individual a new chance at life, Cindy is an inspiration and a beacon of shining light in an often selfish humanistic world. Thank you, Cindy, for saving Chris and re-defining the essence of giving back to your fellow man.

There are other heroes involved that bear honorable mention here as well. Cindy’s husband, Josh, and her family stood resolute by her difficult decision as Teresa, Chris’s fiancée, stayed by his side throughout his illness and ultimate ordeal in the OR. Every person who stepped forward, willing to donate, is an angel. May God bless you all!

The healing process for both Chris and Cindy is far from over. Your prayers are still in high demand. Next time you visit the range, we encourage you to sign the placards in our pro shop for Chris and Cindy. Every little thought of good cheer from the OnTarget family is always welcome. Months ago, as Chris prayed for a self-sacrificing angel to donate, it seemed as though he was asking for an impossible miracle…but always remember, the impossible is often the untried.

“Blessed are the merciful for they shall find mercy.”

Tom and the OnTarget Staff