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State-of-the-art Target Retrieval System

On Target’s 25-yard, 12-position Pistol Range utilizes an Action Target 25-yard turning Smart Target Retriever with a Master Control System. With computerized controls at your fingertips, set your targets just how and where you want them at half-yard increments! The HVAC system is designed to move 75 cubic feet of air per minute across the shooting lanes. Every 90 seconds, the air is exhausted from the entire range and replaced with fresh air, which sweeps smoke and lead particulates away from the shooter. The pistol range will handle any pistol caliber up to 2,500 feet per second.

On Target is all about having fun with guns in a safe, clean and comfortable environment!

 DSC_0088[1] Jan Instructing Pistol Range 2_sm Window Viewing women shooting