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Advanced Active Shooter Takedown


Take your Concealed Carry skills to a higher level with this Advanced Shooting Class designed to build off of the Beginner CCW Active Shooter Takedown. This class is designed for the Advanced Handgun carrier and incorporates movement drills, multiple target engagements and shooting from behind barricades. Guaranteed to make you more comfortable and confident behind your personal favorite Concealed Carry Handgun of choice. For those CCW permit holders who have experienced the basic Active Shooter Takedown class, this action-packed, practical shooting event will offer more challenges to those who wish to push their limitations in preparation for an Active Shooter situation. Definitely not for the faint of heart, this exciting class is designed to mentally prepare shooters for the ever-changing combat environment when faced with an active shooter.

Shooters should expect the following tactics:

Use of cover

Holster draw

Quick target acquisition drills

Various shooting positions

One-handed shooting

Shooting on the move

Multiple targets

Combat reloads

Victim retrieval while engaging active shooter


Graduate of Active Shooter Takedown I

CCW Illinois Permit

150 rounds

3 magazines & semi-automatic handgun

Dual magazine pouch and secure holster

High traction footwear

Rough and tumble clothing

High level of physical fitness


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