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Countering the Mass Shooter Threat **NEW CLASS** (Lunch Included)


Countering the Mass Shooter Threat is a 6-hour USCCA curriculum which focuses on a study of compiled data from every mass shooting since Columbine. By studying and understanding this data and thus the mass shooter, a plan can be developed to counter the mass shooter. Mass shootings are unfortunately becoming more common in our society. Safety is never guaranteed but having a better understanding of what’s going on helps you to stay calm, get help, and survive, at school, church, work, and places such as the grocery store or movie theatre.

Lunch will be included with this class

• Mass shootings by the numbers.
• Would reducing magazine capacity or banning AR-15s work?
• Do gun-free zones help or hurt?
• Does victim response make a difference?
• What are universal background checks, and would they end mass shootings?
• What about no fly lists and terror watch lists?
• Knowing the signs.
• Creating an emergency operations plan for your school, house of worship or business.
• Special security considerations for schools.
• Special security considerations for houses of worship.
• Using the Run, Hide, Fight Methodology.
• When fighting back means using a firearm.
• Triage and treat the wounded.
• The criteria for gun free zones.
• Where do we go from here?

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