OnTarget Cares for Kale Brenner

Kale Brenner

March 3, 2015 started off as a normal day for new McHenry County parents, Chris and Kristie Brenner. They loaded their son, Kale, into the car and battled through a winter storm to take their 4-month-old baby to the ophthalmologist due to a fluttering of his eyes. Kale was diagnosed with Nystagmus and the parents were directed to take Kale immediately to the hospital. As Kale’s mother, Kristie, told us, “Little did we know that a snowstorm would be the easiest for us to weather that day.” After arriving at Lutheran General Children’s Hospital, enduring multiple tests, and awaiting biopsy results, Kale was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus and an inoperable brain tumor. As the doctor delivered those fateful words, “The odds of survival are stacked against him,” the Brenners collapsed into each other’s arms.

The months following Kale’s diagnosis were unimaginable as baby Kale underwent multiple tests, procedures and, ultimately, chemotherapy. In June 2017, the Brenners were ecstatic as Kale was nearing the end of his treatments but in just a few short months, they learned the tumor was again growing. They were informed that Kale’s best option was participating in a clinical trial at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. The comfort of familiar hallways and doctors was suddenly gone and the Brenners were back at square one with a growing tumor, new treatments and an unknown future. Through all of these medical obstacles, Kale has persevered. With love in his heart for his family, he is a growing, beautiful toddler, now three years of age.

Insurance may handle many expenses but this young family is burdened with the numerous out-of-pocket costs for deductibles, travel, lodging, and time off from work. When OnTarget heard about the family’s situation, we knew right away that Kale should serve as the focus of our next OnTarget Cares charity drive. Over the years we have been sponsoring charity causes, we have learned how generous our OnTarget customers can be. Please stand with us in Kale’s corner and help out this family. There are several ways to donate to Kale’s cause:

  • Click on this link to make a direct donation with your credit card.
  • Purchase an OnTarget Cares target when you shoot here. All proceeds will go directly to the Brenners.
  • Drop your lose change and / or a few bills into our donation boxes stationed at each register.
  • Beginning on February 25, 2018, we will sponsor a gun drawing with all proceeds going to Kale’s family. For this gun drawing, which ends on April 28, 2018, our Customer Appreciation Day, the lucky winner will receive a new Glock 19X 9mm handgun! ($5.00 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20.00)

Thank you for your giving nature and for demonstrating to the world what responsible gun owners are all about when it comes to helping others in need.

May God bless you all,

Tom Dorsch

Director of Operations