OnTarget 2018 “New and Exciting Events”

Complimentary CCW Training for School Personnel

Since making our announcement about Concealed Carry Training for teachers and school personnel, we have been inundated with calls from all over Chicagoland. So far, 50 educators have been Concealed Carry educated with another 400+ in the process of being placed in classes. Not only is OnTarget trying to keep our children safe by offering this training but the true message of the program is found in the overwhelmingly positive response of teachers!

OnTarget does not advocate arming ALL teachers across the board. We do advocate that a select few, who graduate our Concealed Carry training and demonstrate a high level of firearm proficiency, be allowed to protect our children. Once again, the program is open to all school personnel (teachers, administrators, maintenance staff) who can effectively deter and stop an active shooter in his tracks.

Bullets, Beer, and BBQ

Partnering with the Crystal Lake Rib House, OnTarget is now offering this fun-filled event for shooters to try out various handguns and rifles, test your judgment skills with our firearm simulator, then enjoy craft beers and a delicious buffet…all for $100! Instruction, firearm rental, ammunition, targets, beer (or wine) and BBQ are all included in this highly desirable, all-inclusive package. Don’t want to shoot? Join your shooting friend or relative at the Rib House for only $25! Our first event at the Rib House will be held on April 18. Space is limited so call today to reserve your spot!

Submachine Gun Shoot

It’s that time again to “rock and roll” with three different submachine guns at OnTarget! On Saturday morning, April 21, 2018, enjoy the full auto experience offered from 7am-10am. $100 will get you three magazines with 25 rounds each. You must have a FOID card and the minimum age is 16 with parental supervision. If you are an avid shooter you owe it to yourself to check that bucket list item, save a plane fare to Las Vegas, and fire off some rounds on full auto!

Customer Appreciation Day

Every year, around our grand opening anniversary, OnTarget dedicates a Saturday to recognize our customers by providing various specials on firearms, accessories, and training. This year, Customer Appreciation Day falls on Saturday, April 28th. One of our salient features this year is a drawing for the 9mm Glock 19X, the hottest new handgun on the market.

This year, all proceeds from the handgun drawing go to three-year-old Kale Brenner’s family. Little Kale is battling a brain tumor and his family is further burdened with many expenses that insurance doesn’t cover. Please come on out and get some drawing tickets to help support Kale! In addition to the drawing, don’t forget to take advantage of our discounted specials, maybe win a door prize (announced every 30 min.10:30-4pm) and enjoy a complimentary hot dog lunch with any modest donation from 12pm-3pm.

Active Shooter Takedown II (Advanced Drills)

This exciting evening of advanced handgun skills is developed for those Concealed Carry permit holders and graduates of our Active Shooter Takedown I workshop. After a safety briefing that includes a light dinner, shooters go down range where they can practice their use of cover, combat reloads, and rapid target acquisition in a simulated active shooter scenario. This is a great way to get the necessary confidence-building advanced training that all concealed carry holders desperately require.

Tactical Shooting Skills for the Disabled

Recently, a disabled shooter inquired about developing shooting skills for persons with disabilities. Such individuals may have limitations that require an adaptive approach to self-defense training. His inquiry gave rise to our development of this specialized course designed to give disabled veterans or any shooter with a disability a chance to better defend oneself with a handgun. Expect a course date to be announced as soon as we receive more feedback from those shooters that fall into this category. Call now to express your interest and you will be contacted regarding the date and the requirements.

There you have it, folks! OnTarget is committed to serving our customers by offering the finest range, training, and customer service in Northern Illinois. We certainly don’t stop there…we are further committed to serving the community through charitable causes and offering the most exciting special events that continue to earn us the title of a “5-Star” range.

Tom Dorsch
Director of Operations