Dear Valued Customers

May 29th, 2020

Dear Shooters,

As we continue to navigate through the state’s gradual re-opening guidelines, here is what you should know about visiting On Target.

  1. Masks on in the pro shop, hallways, offices, restrooms.
  2. Wear your mask on the range but for immediate safety reasons, such as shooting glasses fogging up, you may remove your mask when shooting.
  3. In the classroom, we have staggered our seating to accommodate 8-10 students at 6 feet apart. Naturally, families or couples may sit together.
  4. Shooting leagues and special events down range will practice the maximum 10 individuals per gathering.
  5. On the ranges, if we place shooters in every other lane, we still maintain the 6-foot distance between shooters. If a shooter is concerned about getting too close to other shooters, just let our associates know at range check-in and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  6. We will still take range appointments from non-members, as the schedule helps us facilitate shooter traffic. Please understand that members will have priority in scheduling.
  7. The doors are open for all. If you did not make an appointment but space on the range is available, we will do our best to accommodate you. Please understand that we will maintain the 10-individual gathering rule in the pro shop. If we get too crowded, we may temporarily close the doors until the number diminishes.

Attached to this update, you will find our June – July class schedules. Private lessons are still very much available at a mutually convenient time.

For now, our hours will remain 10am-6pm seven days per week.

If these hours change, we will post it immediately. We still have seats available for the July 9 Tactical Home Defense class. Don’t miss this practical training event.

Welcome back, and we hope that you return soon to On Target…


“Your Resource for Shooting Excellence”

Tom Dorsch

Director of Operations


View our Activity Calendar for June and July

Dear Shooters,

Since last week’s announcement of the “Tactical Home Defense” classes for June 11 and 18, we are now completely booked. It would be a shame if some customers cannot receive the training they require due to over-booking. We will therefore run an encore performance of this important class on Thursday, July 9, 6pm-9pm. Call soon and sign up!

More exciting Skills and Drills are on the way this summer as we take some of our tactical classes outside. Every summer, we partner with the McMiller range in Eagle, Wisconsin, about an hour and 15 minutes from On Target. This year, on June 28, July 19, August 23, and September 13, we’ll be practicing our carbine and handgun transition skills. If you have the skills but have yet to go tactical with us, you are in for an enjoyable and enlightening outdoor range experience! The folks at McMiller always honor our need for discrete training so they assign us our own secluded tactical range.  If you are interested in participating, please call Gunny Mike, our Training Coordinator, at 815-477-2020 and he will fill you in with more details.

As many of you may remember, the sign up for the “Charity Ruck March,” that was supposed to take place this Sunday, began around the same time as the current crisis began to pick up steam. Just to confirm, the Ruck March is postponed until September or early October. Naturally, we will inform all would be “Ruckers” as soon as we establish a new date and time.

A special “thank you” goes out to all our customers who have visited us throughout this crisis while exhibiting patience and understanding. For now, we will maintain our current hours, 10am-6pm, but we will keep everyone posted for any new changes. Private lessons and classes are still going strong while maintaining appropriate distancing. Next week, if we have not already done so, league coordinators will be contacted as we ease back into your regular schedules.

Courage is commonly defined as grace under pressure. It is indeed a testament to the character of our customers who have managed to hang on to their sense of humor for the past couple months. It has been a distinct pleasure training with you all.

Monday is Memorial Day. On Target will be open for our brothers and sisters in arms who wish to honor the fallen by exercising their Second Amendment rights. The On Target staff wishes all of you a beautiful weekend.

Tom Dorsch

Director of Operations

MAY 8, 2020

Dear Shooters,

If you are an On Target Member, you might feel that you haven’t had the chance to use all your benefits over the last month due to the mandated lockdown. The good news is that On Target will make it up to you by extending all memberships by another month after your current Membership expires.

On June 1, we plan on opening our doors with regular weekday hours, 9am – 8pm, Monday through Friday, and 9am – 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. In June, we will honor lane reservations for Members only once again. Leagues will begin again as well. Also, the daily specials will resume for each weekday. In order to maintain our “Essential Business” status, we must follow the guidelines for the wearing of masks in the facility, but you may remove your mask while shooting. Use common sense with your social distance and be advised that the doors may be locked temporarily during business hours only to control the proximity of customers. Please engage our staff in conversation behind the plexiglass barriers.

For the remainder of May, we will continue with our gradual process of re-opening by instituting the following changes effective May 11 through May 31, 2020.

  • More shooting lanes will open, through appointment, but we will continue to maintain at least a 6-foot distance between shooters.
  • Customers must wear masks in the facility but may remove their masks while shooting. Our great ventilation system makes our ranges the safest place to be if you must be indoors with others.
  • We have already embarked upon a regular class schedule for May and June, but the number of participants will be regulated to ensure a 6-foot distance from each other in the classroom and on the range.
  • Our May hours, beginning Monday, May 11, will be the following:

10am – 6pm, seven days a week

  • Private lessons for all firearm platforms and skill levels are still available as are private or semi-private concealed carry renewal classes in addition to the scheduled renewal classes.
  • The regular 16-hour CCW classes, with minimized class sizes, are already on the May and June schedules.
  • The “Coat of Arms” winner will be chosen on May 12 as planned.

Note: Customers may continue to transfer in new and used firearms for $25. Always check with us first for making special orders on new firearms. We may save you some cash.

Americans have been under siege by an unseen enemy for too long. It is time to get back to work and back to our cherished American way of life. We thank all of you who have maintained your loyalty throughout this siege and who have kept your patience with us as we navigate our way toward re-opening.

“The finest steel must first endure the hottest fire.” Be resilient, be strong, and may the bright light of your American character shine upon your fellow patriots through these uncharted times.

Tom Dorsch

Director of Operations


The On Target Range & Tactical Training Center will be closed at 5:00pm on Saturday March 21, 2020 until April 8, 2020 when we open our doors again at 9:00am.

  • All regular classes, special events, and private instruction already planned between the above times and dates will be re-scheduled.
  • Essential Law enforcement training will continue to be hosted by On Target for the duration of our hiatus and beyond.
  • Those customers awaiting delivery of their purchased firearms will be notified upon their arrival and appointment time and date for pick up will be arranged. Please bear in mind that On Target is not responsible for any delay within the background check process.

As you know, On Target has always tried to outfit and train our customers throughout this national emergency. Per the Illinois Governor’s mandate to “stay at home,” On Target will demonstrate our civic responsibility as we do our part to ensure the safety and health of our customers and employees.

Please keep in mind that April 8 is a target date for Illinois non-essential businesses to resume operation. This date, however, may change. On Target Range will post, through email and facebook, any further notifications and updated information. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, and we’ll all be back in the saddle before we know it.

Tom Dorsch

Director of Operations