The Circle of Life Continues…

After eight enduring years of anti-gun sentiment cast upon the land by the soon to be exiting administration, American gun owners can finally bask in the comforting rays of freedom for the next four years.

Unfortunately, there still exists a small minority of firearm vendors in the industry that hold a twisted and short-sighted view that an anti-gun administration at the helm is actually “good for business.”

To set the record straight, OnTarget will never hold such a greed-inspired outlook that only lines pockets in the short term and diminishes our Second Amendment in the long term. We are in fact, “joyful” that we did not have a profitable rush for guns and ammo on November 9. Instead, through the quickly approaching advent of a pro-Second Amendment administration, we find solace and hope that the fires of freedom are rekindled in the form of a new spirit of patriotism poised to sweep the land. Rather than a rush for guns out of fear, we now look forward to a steady increase of business engendered by a sense of calm and peace of mind as gun owners understand that our flag is firmly planted again.

For the last eight years, and perhaps much longer, there existed in this country four defined groups within our society. We have the pro-Second Amendment gun owners, the anti-gun crowd, the ambivalent, who have no real interest but who are not against guns, and then we have the last group of individuals who deserve special recognition. This last group consists of those who are curious about the shooting sports and home defense but never dared to follow up on the idea due to a hostile anti-gun political climate or out of fear of being classified as “politically incorrect.”

In respect to the “gun curious,” the historical timing is now perfect for the avid shooter to reach out his or her hand to these individuals and show them just how magnanimous we are as we welcome them to join our ranks.

When anti-gun protesters were setting up shop in front of gun ranges throughout Chicagoland, I was often asked how OnTarget would handle them if they showed up. The answer came easy.

We would simply treat them as fellow human beings and make sure they are offered water or coffee but more than that, we would shake their hands and invite them to come on in and shoot some pop cans with our .22 rifles…I don’t know too many folks who wouldn’t get at least some fun and satisfaction with that.

We understand that the protesters would never admit that shooting is actually “fun” therefore, they would most likely never take us up on the offer anyway.

The point is that the time is now for all of us to serve as ambassadors for the shooting sports and the right to defend our family.

We finally have another chance in this country to reclaim our truly American traditions. The more folks who we can inspire to take up the banner of the Second Amendment, the more formidable we become as a movement and never again will our country come so close to losing our time-honored values and our constitutional rights.

So bring a friend, bring a family member, or bring a neighbor out to the range to show him or her what shooting is really all about. We can assure you that OnTarget will do its part with a hearty welcome and a tour of the facility.

The Second Amendment and her followers have just won a tremendous victory but do not spend too much time gloating. Instead, we must act with a sense of majesty. Each of us now have a mission to ensure that those who tear at her fabric are not given a chance to mock her based on the actions of her supporters.

We therefore encourage all of you, our OnTarget family members, to carry with responsibility, discuss our tradition with courtesy, teach with compassion, and introduce others to the sport with pride yet with humility.

May God bless you all, and may God bless America,