Everyone is welcome at OnTarget Range! Whether you’re a beginner or a crack shot, we appreciate your support of our facility and American tradition! If you are an Illinois resident and do not have a FOID card (Firearm Owners Identification), Click here to apply for a FOID card.

Membership Information

OnTarget Membership really does have its privileges!

Our Membership packages are designed to provide some extraordinary “perks” for you, your family and friends and to make OnTarget Range a safe and exciting experience. Although Membership is not required to enjoy the facilities, Members receive the special benefits outlined below.

Member Benefits

  • Reduced Rates at the Lanes
  • Ability to Reserve Lanes (2 lanes per Membership card holder and must book at least 2 hours before arrival)
  • 4 Guest Passes per Year
  • Coupons for 50% off any 2 On Target Classes per Year – Coupons are transferrable to family and friends (does not apply to Concealed Carry Classes)
  • Assistance with FOID Card Processing for Only $5.00
  • 10-Session Passes for Handgun and Rifle Ranges (Brings your range rate down to $8.00 for the Handgun Side and $9.50 for the Rifle Side)
  • Bonus Shot: Pay $100 more for your Membership and receive Free Gun Rental for the Year!

One Year Membership Packages

Individual Membership


Family Membership

A Family Membership includes you, your spouse/partner and all children under 21 living at the same address, or children who are full-time students (valid school ID required).


Senior Membership

Ages 65 and older


Senior Family Membership


1st Responder

(Law Enforcement, Firefighter, Paramedic, EMT, Active Duty/Retired Military)

1st Responders must provide an ID


1st Responder Family


Corporate Membership

5 Employees (minimum)


Each additional employee


Apply For Membership

5 Star Review by Kristina S. on Yelp:  “When the hubs and I started getting into shooting again, we stopped at a few different places to talk to the people, look at the lanes, etc. We knew immediately OnTarget was the place for us.

The best part of OnTarget for me is the Membership. Not only do you get cheaper rates on the range, rentals, etc., but you get to reserve a lane as long as you call within 24 hours. This is a key bonus for me seeing as we go mostly on weekend afternoons. Every single time we have reserved a lane, it has been waiting for us even if we show up a little early.

They are also very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. When my husband was having an issue with his shotgun, the range safety officer was more than happy to step over and help him out. They are also very accommodating when we’ve asked for wall lanes (makes it easier for us to collect our brass) and are great with letting us borrow and swap out sleds, bags, etc. at no charge.

Very highly recommend.”