Why Concealed Carry at OnTarget Range?

Since October, OnTarget has successfully trained over 1500 applicants for the Illinois Concealed Carry Permit. For those who have taken our 16- or 8-hour classes, we thank you all for choosing our facility and putting your trust in our instructors. For those who are still undecided over who to choose for training, please read on…

I am not writing this piece to start a war with other CCW instructors, many of whom are very professional and also use our range to qualify their students.

The purpose of this writing, however, is to present to you just what OnTarget training is all about.


At the beginning of our classes during introductions, our instructors are often humbled by the wealth of student shooting experience that abounds within the classroom walls…experience that the OT instructor must now hone, not discard.

This way, the class takes on another dimension, not as a standard lecture featuring “death by power-point,” but as a forum of individuals offering ideas and scenarios while being expertly guided by the experienced instructor.


Currently, there are over 2500 registered CCW instructors in Illinois, 64 in McHenry County alone. Obviously, the choices are many and sometimes choices are made of convenience and price. Whether you train with OnTarget or another reputable instructor , you owe it to yourself and the survival of your loved ones to seek out the best training possible.


Solid and complete CCW training is vital not only to become a better marksman but for the development of a winning mindset….a key ingredient found at all levels of OnTarget training.


Our instructors have been at this game a long time, not simply by taking an NRA instructor class prior to the advent of Illinois CCW. Of our ten instructors, most are police officers or former military who have earned their street creds by putting themselves in harms way on numerous occasions. We strive to make our classes thorough yet captivating as instructors pass on their personal experience therefore complementing the ISP mandated curriculum.


The beauty of training at OnTarget resides in the fact that your classroom and range are all under the same roof. You don’t need to go from a lecture to Uncle Buster’s hog farm for qualification at 10 degrees below zero. By the way, many professional instructors who seek an exceptional qualification experience choose to bring their students to OnTarget.


Additional Attributes of OnTarget Training:


·        Shooting drills and qualifications on both days of the 16-hour class

·        Rental guns available

·        Holsters available

·        Gun cleaning equipment available

·        Modern, comfortable classroom above the range

·        State of the art well ventilated range

·        The 16-hour class counts as an OnTarget beginner handgun class for intermediate and advanced levels of training.

·        We practice shooting from the holster live-fire drills to ensure precision and accuracy under stress.

·        Excellent Instructor/shooter ratios while on the range

·        For 16-hour CCW classes, participants receive a complimentary half hour range pass to practice their skills prior to taking the actual CCW class.

·        All the free coffee you can drink


So there you have it, folks. There are many reasons to choose OnTarget as your place for professional CCW training and advanced firearm classes. Our premier goal is to provide our students with the finest instruction on marksmanship, firearm handling, and the legal ramifications that come with the awesome responsibility of concealing your carry. 


To Safe and Straight Shooting,