So what’s the big deal over being a 5-Star Range?

If you had visited us within the last two weeks, you may have noticed the “5 Star” plaque on the wall directly behind our center register and another as you reach the top of the stairway. A number of businesses proclaim to be a “5 Star” operation so another emblem, sticker, or plaque may not draw too much attention. For this reason, we feel the need to hang up our usual cloak of humility and indulge ourselves for a small stretch down the path of braggadocio.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) does not hand out this coveted award like candy. Only two ranges in Illinois have taken the long and arduous journey for this achievement and OnTarget is one of them. Below is the “short list” of attributes required just to be considered for such a prestigious award:

  • State of the art ventilation
  • Absolute compliance with OSHA, EPA, and ATF regulations
  • Clean and secure facility
  • Adequate range lighting
  • Range Safety Officers
  • A multitude of classes for all ages and experience levels taught by professional instructors
  • A clean and modern classroom environment conducive to learning
  • Regular special events for the public and for private groups
  • Regular firearms qualification for the staff
  • Written and comprehensive employee handbook, training and safety manuals
  • Background checks for all employees plus regular lead and drug screening
  • First aid training for all staff
  • Strong community relations and charity events
  • Handicap accessibility

The list of tangible attributes goes on. What really makes OnTarget standout above other ranges are all the extras like our many charity causes, our one of a kind “Active Shooter Takedown” mixers for CCW permit holders, “The Operator” course for the best in tactical training, our often imitated and never duplicated “Tot Shots” classes for young shooters, our “Golden Ticket” membership drive, our annual “Chili Cookoff,” and much more.

Our finest attribute, however, remains our customer service. Too bad the NSSF representative didn’t stick around for a day to monitor our associates in action as they facilitate the enjoyment of our customers. Granted, our associates are people too with their off moments like everyone else. But these moments are few and far between compared to the 99.9% of the time that they are “game on.”

The reason that you can find outstanding service at OnTarget is that our associates and instructors are genuinely happy folks who find great satisfaction in making the customer happy as well. They don’t see their work here as just a “retail job.” Instead, our associates and instructors gladly embrace the noble responsibility to make your visit at OnTarget safe, fun, and an unforgettable learning experience.

Over the last five years, OnTarget has forged a covenant with our shooters to provide them with the finest range, product selection, and training. We will continue to be your beacon of hope for our cherished Second Amendment and we will forever remain Your Resource for Shooting Excellence.

Tom Dorsch

Director of Operations