OnTarget Customers Raise $2,200 for Kaili and her family!

Kaili Picture
Please join our fight for Kaili and her mom and dad.
A young girl…vibrant, happy, and bursting with energy, embraces life with open arms and looks to the bright future through the eyes of innocence and wonder.
She runs, she plays, she laughs with friends and family in celebration of endless possibilities and dreams.

Without warning, a strange feeling never experienced before settles in her chest and she cannot breathe. Hoping that it is only a cold or congestion, her mother takes her only child to the doctor to receive the horrifying news that her 7th grade daughter has Hodgkins Lymphoma.

This little girl’s name is “Kaili” and she and her family have been thrust by fate into an unforeseen medical nightmare. Kaili is currently undergoing regular chemotherapy sessions with possible radiation treatment as well. Medical bills mount and unexpected expenses are overwhelming. For any of us who have experienced the prolonged sickness of a family member, empathy can only fill our hearts for those enduring the same or worse.

Since our opening in 2012, OnTarget has served as a fulcrum point for charitable causes.

Kaili has no website, no campaign on Facebook or blog about her charity. In fact, her family is a proud, hard-working, and very humble McHenry County family who are not soliciting financial assistance. Kaili’s family did not seek us out…OnTarget had to find them!

OnTarget customers are fighters. The typical OT customer is the embodiment of the true American character, displaying the virtues of rebellious rugged individualism right alongside a streak of compassion a mile wide.

In December, our generous customers joined our fight for Kaili and her mom and dad. Some customers made outright donations. Other purchased our “Grinch” targets for $5.00 and the entire amount went toward Kaili’s cause. For our sharp-shooter patrons, those who hit the ornament on the target three times had their names placed into a drawing for a chance to win new firearm.

Grinch Winner - Rich CollinsOn Target is happy to announce that during the month of December, we raised $2,200 for Kaili’s benefit.

Rich Collins from Rockford was our “Grinch Target” Winner and proudly displays his Marlin .22 cal. rifle he won in our drawing! Thanks to Rich and all our customers who opened their hearts and wallets this Christmas, the burden of providing the best medical care for Kaili has been eased.

We will continue to sponsor and support Kaili’s cause through March. On Target Cares targets are available for purchase and all proceeds will go to Kaili and her family.promotions will be forthcoming so please watch for other opportunities to help Kaili and her family in the coming months.