Handgun Skills and Drills

For many of you who have attended our CCW mixers, we always stress the point that the prepared CCW permit holder must train down range to keep his or her skills sharpened.

This is why OnTarget offers dynamic and exceptional classes found in our “Handgun Skills and Drills.” The mixers only provide a taste of the action. The more advanced Skills and Drills seminars, limited to only 6 shooters, will allow more trigger time in a small group setting down range.

This exciting night of practical hand gun shooting is designed for those participants who have transcended from the introductory classes to the advanced. These action-packed seminars will encompass holster draw, speed loading, engaging multiple targets and use of cover. Our expert instructors will be right behind you as they gently “push” each shooter to his or her limits while focusing on safe and practical pistolcraft. Due to the vast amount of various skills to be passed on, OnTarget presents this valuable training in three separate blocks.

Skills and Drills 1 focuses on speed and accuracy through turn and shoot drills, combat reloads, holster draw with single and multiple targets, and some rapid fire drills as well.

Skills and Drills 2 focuses on movement and cover through lateral movement, reloading on the move, use of cover, and shooting around cover.

Skills and Drills 3 focuses on shooting challenges such as handling malfunctions, one handed shooting, how to chamber a round one-handed, drawing and shooting from the driver’s seat of a car, and from a restaurant seat. We top off the evening by shooting under low light conditions.

Each seminar begins with a brief safety lecture that outlines the various course of fire. Then, shooters hit the ground running down on the range. Guaranteed to get the adrenalin flowing, these 2 hour seminars serve as a great and affordable way to hone your skills and cultivate your talents.

Check the training schedule and reserve your place now for these confidence-building training events only found at OnTarget, your resource for training excellence.