Daily Range Specials at OnTarget 2017

A few months ago, a member came in to use the pistol range on a weekday. As he was checking in, he informed the sales associate that he was a senior citizen and that he should be discounted the $5.00 off for the senior special. He then produced his retired law enforcement credentials and asked if he would receive an additional $5.00 off as a police retiree

As you all probably remember, our pistol range rate is $20.00 an hour. Subtract a member discount and the rate is $10.00 an hour. Subtract the senior and retired law enforcement discounts, $5.00 each, then according to this customer’s rationale, he could shoot for free

Seeing the irony and humor in the situation, the sales associate reached into the register and pretended to hand the gentleman a ten dollar bill. “At this rate, sir, maybe we should be paying you to shoot here!” Both sales associate and customer had a laugh over the situation until the gentleman’s friend came in and the first gentleman just shot for free as a second shooter in the same lane. It happened to be “Two for Tuesday.

I use this story to illustrate two points. Since our opening in 2012, OnTarget has offered unique daily specials to keep the weekdays interesting and to entice our loyal customers to bring in more shooters. The other point is that by our own magnanimous nature, some specials have overlapped unnecessarily and we need to streamline our schedule a bit.

In order to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of our existing and new specials, we encourage you to take note of the below “Daily Special Schedule” for 2017.

  • Monday – Free firearm rental all day.
  • Tuesday – “Two for Tuesday” – Two shooters use one lane and the second shooter is free.
  • Wednesday – First Responders $5.00 off range time (Active or retired law enforcement, military, firemen, paramedics, emergency room staff).
  • Thursday – “Senior Shooter Day” (65+) $5.00 off range time all day for primary shooter only.
    “Ladies Night” 4pm-8pm. $5.00 off range time for lady primary shooter only.
  • Friday – “Date Night” 4pm- 8pm. Second shooter in the same lane is free but a third shooter is charged full second shooter rate.


Currently, OnTarget members have their range fees discounted 50%. Along with the membership comes 4 complimentary guest passes, discounts on10-session passes, 10% off accessories with a firearm purchase, and the most cherished member benefit – the ability to reserve lanes. Members, therefore, cannot be discounted an additional $5.00 off for being a senior on senior day, first responder on first responder day, or lady member on ladies night.

  • When members reserve two lanes, the shooter on the second lane, if not a member him/herself, pays full rate unless he/she falls into a discounted category for a daily special.
  • When a member brings in a non-member as a second shooter in his/her lane, the second shooter pays the second shooter non-member rate.

Believe me, folks, it is a lot easier on a gun range when there are no existing customer specials. On Target, however, has never been that kind of range. We enjoy giving our members and fellow shooters a break and we especially enjoy hearing stories of customer satisfaction. We certainly cannot please everybody but we sure try hard, as made evident through our specials, our training classes, our clean ranges, and especially through our customer service.

2017 is a special year for OnTarget Range and marks our 5th anniversary. Be sure to celebrate with us like never before this June 3rd on our Customer Appreciation Day and allow us to always be “your resource for shooting excellence.”