Ammunition Tales at OnTarget – “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

It’s Saturday afternoon on the pistol range and a young man is enjoying his Glock 19 as he continues to punch holes in his target. He presses the trigger again expecting the usual report but it doesn’t sound like he remembers. He then makes the dangerous mistake of pressing the trigger immediately afterward and his Glock 19 blows up in his hands.

Immediately, OnTarget personnel are on the scene administering first aid. Luckily, the young man is merely shaken and not stirred. The small cut on his thumb is nothing compared to what could have happened to him.

As a matter of standard operating procedure with all incidents on the range, the OnTarget supervisor sat down with the young shooter and proceeded to investigate. It turns out that the shooter was using factory reloaded ammunition purchased at a competitor’s shop. He had a poorly loaded “squib” load that stuck in the tube. Not recognizing the telltale squib sound, he pressed again sending another round down the already crowded barrel.

I can outline a specific incident associated with each of our range rules. When we ask customers to only purchase our factory ammunition with our rental guns, the reasoning is grounded in customer safety, not financial gain. We cannot guarantee that every cartridge from a popular manufacturer is perfectly loaded and sealed but we still want the odds in the customer’s favor.

Shooters may continue to use reloaded ammo in their own firearms but never in our rentals. If you plan on taking advantage of our “Free Rental Mondays,” we will continue to require that you use our ammo. In fact, our insurance demands it. We do, however, employ a common sense approach to a customer who purchases a case of our 9mm on Sunday and wants to use the ammo in a Monday rental. Just show the sales associate the OnTarget receipt.

For those shooters who continue to attempt rationalizing the use of cheaper ammo bought elsewhere for use in our rentals, we urge you to call another range to see if this practice is allowed there. We would be shocked if it was.

Finally, OnTarget now offers a unique summer special to encourage all customers to buy our ammo for rentals and personal firearms alike. Beginning on June 19, random boxes and cases of our popular ammo will contain a “Golden Ticket.”

If you are the lucky shooter to find a golden ticket, you will receive a complimentary one year Individual OnTarget Membership! We will only have 10 golden tickets hidden within boxes and cases and the special will last until all tickets are found by our customers. Once again, we are trying to provide our customers with an enjoyable and unique experience when you come through the doors of OnTarget, “Your resource for Shooting Excellence.”

Tom Dorsch