A Call to Arms – but first, A Call to Training!

Since we at OnTarget implemented our Virtra firearms training simulator into our concealed carry classes, over 100 students have experienced the adrenalin rush while taking on assailants in dozens of “shoot/don’t shoot” video scenarios.

The number one comment heard following their Virtra experience was, “Wow, it looks like I need more training!”

Shooting nice groups on static paper cannot possibly compare to shooting at a moving assailant. The Illinois State Police will sign off on a concealed carry permit providing an applicant successfully qualifies with 30 well placed shots. The question remains, however, is if a permit holder is truly satisfied with his ability to react in a confident and decisive manner if ever the need arises.

Many of us in the firearms training industry, especially CCW grads who have trained with us, understand the physical, psychological, and emotional effects on a human being thrust into a real-world deadly force situation. Your peripheral vision narrows, dexterity and fine motor skills shut down as capillaries restrict blood flow, and denial that the dangerous situation before you is really happening is the deadliest factor of all.

The only proven method to combat these primal forces is to prepare for the situation over and over. Regular training breeds quality performance. Quality performance breeds confidence. Confidence in your abilities engenders mindset. A clear mindset prepares the armed citizen for skilled decisive action.

Criminals and vicious psychopaths are not the only threat anymore. Terrorists walk among us in our cities and suburbs ready to go into action as a lone wolf or as part of an organized cell. The call for interactive and advanced firearms training has never been more necessary than it is today.

The OnTarget training staff has trained thousands during our two years in business. The number grows to hundreds of thousands if we take into consideration our combined real world training experiences as Police Officers, Soldiers, Marines, and Special Agents. OnTarget applauds those of you who took the first step by taking our beginner classes…but, please don’t stop there with a false sense of security.

We understand that the current state of the economy presents an obstacle to many shooters who want the advanced training.In order to facilitate the participation of more good citizens, OnTarget will lower our training prices. We would much rather make a little less income and be rewarded with the satisfaction that our customers leave here with an advanced performance level, more confidence,and the necessary mindset to protect loved ones and innocent fellow Americans.

Please allow OnTarget to be your resource for shooting excellence and get fully trained.