2018 Events at On Target


We just kicked off the new year with another rousing “Patriot’s Party” at the Crystal Lake Rib House. A special thank you goes out to all participants who chose to spend an evening with us celebrating our American Spirit. A great time was had by all and there were many drawing winners for Rib House specials, OnTarget memberships, classes, and range time. Couldn’t make it? No problem, the popularity of this event means that we will hopefully see you next January at our 3rd Annual Patriot’s Party!

Active Shooter Takedown Training – March 21st 6pm-9:30pm
One of OnTarget’s premier shooting events, we are kicking off the year with another action-packed night of practical shooting scenarios for our CCW permit holders. Be sure to take the opportunity to hone your combat shooting skills at this unique shooting event offered only at OnTarget. Sign up for this coming Active Shooter Takedown Training Class!

Biggest Loser Contest! Weigh-ins begin this Groundhog Day, February 2nd
Last year, we had over 75 contestants losing a total of over 1 ton! Standing by our reputation as the range that offers clean shooting, expert training and so much more, we will be accepting contestants this year beginning this Groundhog Day through Feb 4. The contest will culminate on July 4th but weigh-outs will begin July 3. Once again, the 2018 winner gets a firearm and the second and third place winners will get range time. The time is now to make that commitment and win big for your health and your gun collection! All proceeds from the $25 entry fee will support our current Charitable Cause.

Groundhog Day – February 2nd
Whatever way it goes for “Woodstock Willie,” be sure to come in this Groundhog Day to get 10% off any new firearm if he sees his shadow, and 5% off any new gun if he does not see his shadow. What other range does this stuff? See you here!

Bullets and Bourbon – February 7th 6pm8pm at OnTarget / 8–10pm at “1776” Crystal Lake.
($95 per shooter/diner and $45 for diner only) Someday, this event may be featured in Fine Dining magazine so sign up now for this exciting and delicious night out! After a safety class, shooters will get a chance to fire various rifle and handguns. After shooting, then it’s onward to one of Crystal Lake’s premier dining experiences for Bourbon tasting and great food. Prefer wine over Bourbon? No problem, 1776 will accommodate. Like our Active Shooter Takedown training, Bullets and Bourbon is regularly offered throughout the year. Sign up for this coming Bullets and Bourbon class!

St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th
Everyone is a winner who decides to purchase a firearm on this day! Once you commit to buying a gun, reach into our Leprechaun’s pot of gold to draw an envelope with a discount attached. On this date let’s face it, football is over and the bad weather is not. Come on in out of the cold, shoot a bit, then get yourself a gun.

Customer Appreciation Day – April 28th
At OnTarget we love traditions. It has always been our tradition to show our appreciation to our customers on or about our grand opening date every year. In 2018, this will be six years since we opened our doors. As usual, we will have manufacturer representatives, food, door prizes, and plenty of awesome specials for those special folks who have kept us in business since 2012. Mark your calendar and come celebrate with us!

There you have it, folks. Sometime in the late spring we will announce our special events for the remainder of 2018 but at least this schedule will get us started. Thank you all for your loyalty and friendship. Remember that you don’t have to wait for a special event to come visit us. Our customer service is waiting for you each day at OnTarget…Your Resource for Shooting Excellence.