Sunday, September 9 and October 7, 2018
Event Start Time:
10am-4pm (Approximately 4 shooters per hour)
Set Up Time:
 7am (OT Staff)
McMiller Sports Center (LE Range)
100 Walters Road
Eagle Wisconsin 53119

(262) 594-5900

Maximum Number of Shooters:
Competitor Admission Fee:
$100 (Guests are free)
Weather Considerations:
This event will take place “Rain or Shine”


The mission is to score a total of 100 hits on appropriate targets while finishing the entire course in the quickest time possible. Shooters will use a tactical 12 gauge pump action shotgun, an AR-15 rifle or AK-47, and a semi-automatic handgun.


Each shooter will begin with 10 pushups, a short run, obstacle course, and grenade toss before proceeding to the first shooting station with the shotgun. The shooter will then have 10 shotgun shells to hit 10 3D targets at various distances of 10, 15, and 20 yards. Loading is on the clock.

Once finished at the first station, the shooter will demonstrate to the RSO that the shotgun is clear and placed on a table with muzzle down range. Shooter will then run back to the 50 yard line and assume prone position for rifle shooting. After 5 rounds at 50 yards, the shooter will move forward using cover and engage targets at various distances kneeling and standing. Once finished with the last rifle target, the shooter will clear rifle and place on table with muzzle down range.

The shooter will then proceed to the first handgun station, lock and load, then engage the first target. Shooter will then advance forward using cover and engage multiple targets with combat reloads. The final handgun station entails firing 10 rounds with strong hand only while dragging a 150 lb. weight back to the finish line. Time stops once the weight passes finish line. All 10 rounds must be expended before the finish line.

Administration and Logistics

Total Number of Shells and Rounds Required for Each Shooter = 100

  • Ten 12 gauge 00 Buck shotgun shells 2¾”
  • 50 FMJ rifle rounds (.223/5.56mm or 7.62/39mm if using AK-47)
  • 40 FMJ handgun rounds

Firearms Required by Each Shooter

  • One AR-15 or AK-47 carbine
  • One Semi-Automatic handgun with at least a 10 round magazine capacity. For 1911 shooters, you will need extra magazines to compensate. Also, bear in mind that you will be forced to reload more often and it may add seconds to your time.
  • The tactical 12 gauge pump action shotgun will be provided by OnTarget if you do not provide your own

Magazines Required

  • 5 thirty-round rifle magazines with 10 rounds each
  • 5 handgun magazines – 4 with 10 rounds each and one empty mag
  • The shotgun shells will be placed on the table in a bucket next to the shotgun

Shooter Attire

  • Tactical and bloused trousers
  • Tactical T-Shirt
  • Combat boots or lightweight hiking boots
  • Tactical vest (armor plates optional)
  • Tactical belt
  • One two-point carbine sling
  • Tactical holster and 4 handgun magazine pouches with 4 loaded magazines 10 rounds each
  • 1 empty magazine to be inserted in handgun at the start of the course to prevent sand from getting in the magazine well
  • 5 rifle magazines with 10 rounds each along with 5 magazine pouches
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Hat is optional


This is a time based competition. The shooter with the best time will be the winner. If you race through the course but have many misses, you will not be victorious. If you take your sweet time on every target, you will probably not be victorious due to the excessive overall time. The key to victory is striking the proper balance between speed and accuracy.

During the shotgun course, each shooter is expected to hit ten 3D targets (bowling pins) with ten 00 Buck shot shells.

Each rifle target and each handgun target must ideally have 5 rounds on paper within the designated kill ring. Rounds that miss the kill ring (7 ring of a B-27 target) are counted as misses. Each miss adds 5 seconds to the overall time of the course. At the end of the obstacle course portion, there will be a bonus grenade toss. If the shooter successfully throws the grenade through the pillbox hole, he will get 10 seconds knocked off his time.

Example of Scoring

A shooter runs the course in 5 minutes, 30 seconds. The shooter scores 90 shots (90%) on target within the kill ring. With 10 misses, at 5 seconds added each miss, an additional 50 seconds is added to the overall time. The shooter’s final time is therefore 6 minutes and 20 seconds. If two shooters score the exact same time overall, there will be a final “shoot off” as the two shooters run the course again.


  • First Place Trophy and One-Year Individual OnTarget Membership
  • Second Place Trophy and $100 OnTarget Gift Card
  • Third Place Trophy and $50 OnTarget Gift Card
  • All Shooters OnTarget Certificate of Participation and a Tactical Challenge Patch

Note: The award ceremony will take place at McMiller LE range at the end of the competition and after all the scores are calculated.

Command and Signal

The OnTarget Director and Training Coordinator will serve as judges and RSOs for the event along with additional OnTarget staff. A stop watch will be used to start every shooter and end the course when the shooter crosses the finish line. An RSO will run the course with the competitor to ensure muzzle safety and give directions. Shotgun targets will consist of easy-to-identify bowling pins on stakes. All other targets will be paper B-27 silhouette targets labeled with big lettering above them so shooters will know what target they are to shoot next. For example the first rifle target will be labeled with an easy to read “R1.” The first pistol target will be labeled with “P1.”

Registration for the competition and the mandatory pre-qualification Workshop will begin on Friday, June 15, 2018. Competitors may register by calling OnTarget at 815-477-2020 or by registering online by clicking on the 3-Gun Workshop and 3-Gun Tactical Challenge listed in our classes and on the class calendar.

As shooters pull into McMiller Range, they should immediately look to the right and they will see the access road leading to the LE range. The road will be marked with signage reading “OnTarget 3-Gun Tactical Challenge.” Next to the LE range access road is the clay target range. Upon arrival, shooters must check in at the shooting lodge located right there at the LE range. Shooters will then fill out waiver forms.

McMiller Range is located at 100 Walters Road in Eagle, Wisconsin. Calling OnTarget Range the day of the event will do you no good.

If you get lost or need guidance, call one of the following three numbers:

McMiller Range 262-594-5900

Mike Wilding 224-600-7321

Tom Dorsch 847-373-7759


  • OnTarget will offer three 3-Gun Workshops on August 11, 18, and 25, 2018. All competitors must attend at least one workshop to ensure proficiency and safety for the actual event. The cost of the workshop is $75. The workshop is a full dress rehearsal for the competition. Shooters must wear complete shooting attire and bring 100 rounds handgun ammo, 150 rounds rifle ammo, and twenty 00Buck 12 gauge 2¾” shells.
  • All competitors must arrive at McMiller Range at least one hour prior to their assigned start time. Upon registration for the competition, shooters may choose a desired time slot or just stay for the entire day. We are estimating that shooters will run the course in approximately 6-8 minutes. To score and reset the course will take another 5 minutes. Therefore, it is estimated that a new shooter will run through the course every 15 minutes.
  • If there are 12 or less competitors, each shooter will run through the course twice. The total of the two scores will be averaged for one overall score. OnTarget will notify all competitors beforehand if they will need to double their ammo loads to run the course twice.
  • If there are more than 12 competitors, it is not mandatory to stay on site for the entire event but please return at 4pm for the award ceremony especially if you feel that your score is competitive.
  • All shooters and their guests must bring hearing protection. Shooters must have both hearing and eye protection.
  • OnTarget will provide bottled water.
  • Shooters and guests are welcome to use the shooting cabin or lodge adjacent to the LE range to get out of the sun or rain.
  • There is a Port-O-Potty located on site at the LE range. Modern restroom facilities are located at the McMiller Range Pro Shop just 200 yards from the LE range.
  • For shooters and guests planning to stay the entire day, be sure to bring snacks or a lunch.
  • It is advised to bring lawn chairs for competitors and their guests.
  • For all competitors and guests, there is parking at the LE range.
  • Once a competitor runs through the course he is welcome to volunteer to help staple targets or set up the range for other competitors.

Reserve your seat now either by registering online, calling OnTarget, or in our pro shop.