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“You are in a crowded movie theater waiting for the show to start. Just before the lights dim, a gun-wielding assailant enters through the side exit.

You, as an armed concealed carry permit holder, have a split second decision to make…”


The scenario above is one of many designed to test judgment and marksmanship all within the safe, air-conditioned confines of an OnTarget classroom. If you are looking for a dynamic firearms training experience without wasting a single live round, you need to try out the V100, a critical training tool once used exclusively by the police and military.


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Individuals, couples, or small groups of friends can schedule a time for an OnTarget associate to present multiple virtual shooting scenarios. For youngsters and adults alike, the V100 also offers non-intimidating skill building marksmanship exercises. Another great feature about the V100 training simulator is that you do not require a FOID card, firearm, or ammo to participate!

VirTra Hours of Operation:

  • Please call to set up an appointment. 24-hour advance notice is required.

V100 Fees


  • 60 minute session – $60.00 (1-4 shooters)


Note: For small groups over 4 shooters, an additional $10.00 will be charged for each additional shooter. For example, a group of 6 individuals rotating on the V100 for one hour will be charged a total of $60.00 for the hour and an additional $20 for the two extra shooters. Total charge = $80.00.

For reservations, please call our Administrative Assistant at 815477-2020.

Take a Virtual Shooting Class!

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For those shooters who really want to hone their judgment and accuracy skills, under the guidance of a seasoned instructor, OnTarget offers two-hour classes designed to challenge your abilities while having fun in the process. Participants will learn shooting safety and fundamentals, split-second decision making, observation skills, and holster drills.

Currently, the V100 is outfitted with an inert, CO2 operated Glock 17 handgun that adds to the reality with sound effect gunshots and a moving slide that simulates the chambering of a round.


  • Fee – $60.00 per hour; up to 4 participants
  • Maximum 6 participants
  • V100 Glock and holster provided
  • No FOID or firearm required
  • Certain training scenarios are restricted to participants age 21 or older


Call 815-477-2020 to schedule your personal session today!