“Guns of Summer” 2017

Okay, we get it… We have at the helm a Second Amendment-friendly President so gun owners don’t feel the same imperative to buy as they did a year ago. Don’t lull yourself into a false sense of security. We still live behind the “Iron Curtain” in Illinois where gun rights are constantly under attack and … Continued

The Circle of Life Continues…

After eight enduring years of anti-gun sentiment cast upon the land by the soon to be exiting administration, American gun owners can finally bask in the comforting rays of freedom for the next four years. Unfortunately, there still exists a small minority of firearm vendors in the industry that hold a twisted and short-sighted view … Continued

OnTarget Cares 2016 Winter Cause – Meghan Korbecki

The year is 2002, Meghan Korbecki’s life is thrown into turmoil. While preparing to give an employee orientation meeting at her former employer, Meghan quite literally collapsed and had a seizure. The cause, determined by doctors in Chicago, was a grade 2 astrocytoma the size of a lime in her frontal lobe. Following a craniotomy, … Continued

Tactical Training is “Game On”

How many could have been saved? How many could have been saved in Paris, France, or San Bernardino, CA,  had there been, on site, a courageous individual willing to use a concealed carry handgun? Anyone who has taken our Concealed Carry class was presented with multiple scenarios regarding the use of deadly force. By the … Continued

Chris Twardy’s Liver Transplant – a Smashing Success!

  On Thursday, September 24, 2015, OnTarget’s Chris Twardy and Cindy Greisz began their morning unsure of how the day would end. After 12 grueling hours of transplant surgery for Chris and three hours of surgery for Cindy, the operation was an absolute success! Cindy gave up about two thirds of her own liver so … Continued

OnTarget Cares Chili Cookoff

OnTarget Cares Chili Cookoff Date: Saturday, October 17th, 2014 Store will be open 10 am to 8 pm. Event is from 12 pm until 4pm.  All entrants are asked to provide: At least 8 quarts of chili in a Crock Pot – electrical outlets will be available A ladle for serving – Spoons & foam … Continued

OnTarget Customers Raise $2,200 for Kaili and her family!

Please join our fight for Kaili and her mom and dad. A young girl…vibrant, happy, and bursting with energy, embraces life with open arms and looks to the bright future through the eyes of innocence and wonder. She runs, she plays, she laughs with friends and family in celebration of endless possibilities and dreams. Without … Continued