Handgun Skills and Drills

For many of you who have attended our CCW mixers, we always stress the point that the prepared CCW permit holder must train down range to keep his or her skills sharpened. This is why OnTarget offers dynamic and exceptional classes found in our “Handgun Skills and Drills.” The mixers only provide a taste of … Continued

A Plea for Safety

  This posting is a difficult one to write… At this moment, a Florida family is living a nightmare that will never go away. Every day for the rest of their lives, they will be haunted by the loss of a child and a brother all because a father had a momentary breach of safety … Continued

A Call to Arms…and a Call to Training!

Since our instructor team implemented our “Active Shooter Takedown” mixers for CCW permit holders, shooters have experienced the adrenalin rush while taking on hostile targets in multiple practical shooting scenarios. The number one comment often heard following their down range experience was, “Wow, it looks like I need more training.” Shooting nice groups at static … Continued

Why it Can Be Hot On The Range!

  One of the main features of OnTarget Range is the pristine air quality that we maintain on the range. You will notice virtually no smoke or gun powder odors on our range, unlike what occurs on many other ranges. There are three primary reasons for properly ventilating indoor ranges. First, it is important to … Continued

VirTra Shooting Challenge

This summer, test your speed, accuracy, and judgment utilizing deadly force when employing a firearm in a self-defense situation. By taking…     The VirTra Shooting Challenge! “What is VirTra Again?” The Virtra 100, located in our air-conditioned classroom, is our firearm training simulator used by police, military, and our CCW students. The system is designed … Continued

OnTarget Cares Summer Cause 2016 – Amanda Heil & Max Borchardt

  Amanda Heil and Max Borchardt of McHenry lost their home on May 5, 2016, due to an electrical fire that spread throughout the dwelling. On that fateful night, providence intervened as the family dog woke everyone and they were able to safely get out of their home with their 4-year old daughter Ellie. The … Continued

What Some Shooters Don’t Know About Our Range

OnTarget is one of the few indoor ranges that offer Range Safety Officers (RSO’s) who patrol the ranges to assist shooters, keep the ranges clean, and to enforce our range safety rules. They are out in force especially during busy weekends, but, they unfortunately cannot cover every lane at every moment. OnTarget, as other ranges, … Continued

OnTarget Cares 2016 Winter Cause – Meghan Korbecki

The year is 2002, Meghan Korbecki’s life is thrown into turmoil. While preparing to give an employee orientation meeting at her former employer, Meghan quite literally collapsed and had a seizure. The cause, determined by doctors in Chicago, was a grade 2 astrocytoma the size of a lime in her frontal lobe. Following a craniotomy, … Continued

Tactical Training is “Game On”

How many could have been saved? How many could have been saved in Paris, France, or San Bernardino, CA,  had there been, on site, a courageous individual willing to use a concealed carry handgun? Anyone who has taken our Concealed Carry class was presented with multiple scenarios regarding the use of deadly force. By the … Continued

Chris Twardy’s Liver Transplant – a Smashing Success!

  On Thursday, September 24, 2015, OnTarget’s Chris Twardy and Cindy Greisz began their morning unsure of how the day would end. After 12 grueling hours of transplant surgery for Chris and three hours of surgery for Cindy, the operation was an absolute success! Cindy gave up about two thirds of her own liver so … Continued