OnTarget Cares Charity: Jadah & Jaron Dabandon

Our current OnTarget Cares charity is a very special case close to our hearts. Jackie Dabandon, who was diagnosed with Lupus, died unexpectedly this past May at the young age of 39. She was divorced and could not afford life insurance…

OnTarget Cares Charity: Update on Kale Brenner

As OnTarget turns its focus on a new recipient for our OnTarget Cares charity, we would first like to tell you about our successful drive for Kale Brenner. Thanks to your generosity, OnTarget Cares raised $9,000 to help Kale’s family offset the expense of so any overnight trips to Chicago and the mounting medical costs … Continued

The More You Sweat

  The above quote and title of this treatise have served as the inspiration for millions of warriors from the days of Leonidas and his Spartans to the modern infantryman. The “bleeding” part is often decided by the unseen hand that guides our fate or destiny but nonetheless, the intent of the quote resides in … Continued

2018 Events at On Target

Folks, We just kicked off the new year with another rousing “Patriot’s Party” at the Crystal Lake Rib House. A special thank you goes out to all participants who chose to spend an evening with us celebrating our American Spirit. A great time was had by all and there were many drawing winners for Rib … Continued

Practice and Proficiency

Did you know that pilots are required to make three take-offs and landings within the previous 90 days in order to be able to fly legally? This should tell you how rapidly skills are perceived by experts to deteriorate over a relatively short period of time. At virtually every country club or golf range you … Continued

So what’s the big deal over being a 5-Star Range?

If you had visited us within the last two weeks, you may have noticed the “5 Star” plaque on the wall directly behind our center register and another as you reach the top of the stairway. A number of businesses proclaim to be a “5 Star” operation so another emblem, sticker, or plaque may not … Continued

Ammunition Tales at OnTarget – “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

It’s Saturday afternoon on the pistol range and a young man is enjoying his Glock 19 as he continues to punch holes in his target. He presses the trigger again expecting the usual report but it doesn’t sound like he remembers. He then makes the dangerous mistake of pressing the trigger immediately afterward and his … Continued

“Guns of Summer” 2017

Okay, we get it… We have at the helm a Second Amendment-friendly President so gun owners don’t feel the same imperative to buy as they did a year ago. Don’t lull yourself into a false sense of security. We still live behind the “Iron Curtain” in Illinois where gun rights are constantly under attack and … Continued

Daily Range Specials at OnTarget 2017

A few months ago, a member came in to use the pistol range on a weekday. As he was checking in, he informed the sales associate that he was a senior citizen and that he should be discounted the $5.00 off for the senior special. He then produced his retired law enforcement credentials and asked … Continued

The Circle of Life Continues…

After eight enduring years of anti-gun sentiment cast upon the land by the soon to be exiting administration, American gun owners can finally bask in the comforting rays of freedom for the next four years. Unfortunately, there still exists a small minority of firearm vendors in the industry that hold a twisted and short-sighted view … Continued