Thinking About Building An Indoor Range?

Thinking about building an indoor range? – OnTarget can help!

Range development and construction is a complicated process. Having built and successfully operated OnTarget Range for the past two years, we have acquired the expertise not only to construct, but to staff and manage in indoor shooting facility.

The state-of-the-art design and construction of OnTarget was crafted by the Charles River Development Group, Inc. (CRD) located in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Regardless of an extensive portfolio reflecting the entire spectrum of construction, range building was a challenging project due to the integration of the numerous mechanical and computer systems. There was no margin for error and as one of the major owners of OnTarget, it was imperative for CRD to get it right the first time.

A critical element for any indoor range is the ventilation system. At OnTarget, you won’t find the lingering smoke and odors that are so prevalent in older facilities or newer ranges retrofitted into existing buildings. We exchange the indoor air on the pistol range every 90 seconds and every three minutes on the rifle side with 100% fresh air from the outside. The exhausted air is 99.6% free of toxic particulates and the system serves as a paragon for meeting the most stringent EPA standards.

On the customer service and consultation side of the operation, we are willing to share the knowledge we have gained in hiring, training, and implementing a customer-friendly environment. Our experience in firearm sales, firearm training, and range operations would serve as a valuable asset for any new range owner. Our staff will work with your staff, collaboratively, to facilitate a smooth and successful launch of your new business.

If you are considering range construction anywhere in the U.S. or internationally, let OnTarget Range and the Charles River Development Group serve as your premier range building source.

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