Practice and Proficiency

Did you know that pilots are required to make three take-offs and landings within the previous 90 days in order to be able to fly legally? This should tell you how rapidly skills are perceived by experts to deteriorate over a relatively short period of time.

At virtually every country club or golf range you see golfers line up on the practice tees or on a practice green. In golf there is no such thing as perfect. But there is an improvement in proficiency through practice. Eye-hand coordination is improved markedly through repeated movements, the same kind of movements required for accurate shooting.

Race car drivers practice eye-hand-foot coordination to maximize their track on the curves and to get a feel for the handling of their cars. Getting to know the feel of your firearm is an aid in accurate shooting. Overall coordination definitely improves with repeated movements that develop muscle memory. Once the action and coordination is honed to near perfection through the years, it becomes instinct.

Almost every sport or activity relies on accuracy and proficiency. In today’s dangerous world would you feel comfortable confronting an intruder in your home if your firearm has been lying in a dresser drawer for a year or more? A reasonable program to stay sharp would be to go shoot at the range at least every thirty days. You will retain much more muscle memory and be able to better commit to memory the sight picture of accurately shooting at the target.

To continue the sports analogy, you should think of shooting as a true sport and commit to a schedule of practice. Consider of the following:





• How many shots did Michael Jordan take
before being named the greatest North
American athlete of the 20th Century by
a major sports broadcasting company?







• How many reps at practice were
needed so that Troy Aikman could
lead the Dallas Cowboys to three
Super Bowl championships?







•How many swings at bat did it take Ty Cobb to
achieve a batting average of 367,
setting over 90 MLB records?







•How many shots on goal did Bobby Hull
take before setting numerous records during his
fifteen seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks?




Let’s take the necessity for practice one critical step further. Sport shooters who fail to practice regularly will lose some proficiency. On the more serious end, concealed carry permit holders who fail to practice regularly may lose their life or accidentally shoot an innocent if they find themselves in a warranted deadly force situation.

In our CCW classes, we often ask students to describe a physical confrontation that they were involved in within the last ten years. Most students cannot do so because most were trained their entire lives to be “good” non-combative people. So how does a law abiding citizen without a history of confrontations survive an attack by a seasoned criminal without a sense of mercy? The answer is clear – training and mindset.

A crack shot without the right survival mindset may turn to jelly when facing down a violent criminal. A proud individual with a strong mindset might lack the arsenal of skills without being properly trained.

Our instructors are intuitively aware of this survival “disconnect” and that’s why we encourage all of our shooters to continue their practical training with us. For the sake of you, your family and innocent bystanders, train hard and develop that survival mindset by attending our advanced, down range classes and our eye-opening and very affordable “Active Shooter Takedown” mixers for concealed carry permit holders. You know in your heart where you are and where you need to be. Allow us to take you there.

Check out our many class options by going to Click on the “Classes” tab and explore our calendar for upcoming classes and events or call our Director of Operations, Tom Dorsch, at 815-477-2020 for more information.

Bo Strom
Managing Partner