Chris Twardy – OnTarget Cause of 2015

A couple years ago, when OnTarget established the “Cause of the Quarter,” we never expected that one of our own sales associates would someday be the focus of this charitable event.

Many of you who frequent OnTarget on weekends have been graciously welcomed and assisted by one of our original sales associates, Chris Twardy. For over two years, Chris has been battling Wilson’s Disease, a degenerative syndrome that has aggressively attacked his liver. Medications have merely bought some time but have generally been unsuccessful at preventing liver degeneration. Chris is now at a stage where he needs a new liver immediately.

Chris’ family and friends came forward and volunteers from OnTarget have already attempted liver donation for Chris but have not succeeded in reaching the mandatory level of liver compatibility. The volunteers underwent blood work and MRI scan to examine and measure their liver but were found unsuitable for donation. This was a crushing blow to Chris who thought he had a new chance on life through a living donor among his co-workers.


Being a living donor is an amazing and heroic opportunity to save Chris’ life without any degenerative or long term effects on your own body!

Initial Live Donor Qualifiers:

  • Donor must be between 18 and 60 years old
  • Donor must have Blood type of O
  • Donor is in good health

Live Donor Process:

  • Donor will donate approximately half of his or her liver.

The AMAZING NEWS for the donor is that the liver is the only internal organ that REGENERATES!

That’s right! If you donate half your liver, the liver will regenerate to its pre-transplant size in approximately three months.

  • Time spent in the hospital is minimal (i.e., minimum of ~11 days, maximum ~14 days)
  • Post-surgery, past liver donors have returned to work in less than two weeks (i.e., depending on the type of work).
  • Following the donor healing process of approximately three months, the donor will return to living a full, normal life.
  • Donor hospital bills will be fully covered by Chris’ insurance.
  • Other donation-related expenses will be covered by Chris.
  • If you, or someone you know, would like to be a hero to Chris Twardy, by serving as his living donor, PLEASE CALL Lori Clark at Northwestern Memorial Hospital @ (312) 695-0340 or (312) 695-0998.

Success Rate and Statistics:

  • Chris’ doctor has successfully transplanted 104 livers with a 100% survival rate for both donor and recipient.
  • Chris’ doctor operated on an Olympian liver donor who won a silver medal just 6 months after her liver donation.

Unlike our past quarterly causes, OnTarget is not asking for any monetary donations. We are asking for a noble and very personal commitment to save Chris’ life through donation of a portion of your own liver. When OnTarget personnel first caught wind of Chris’ situation, he immediately found those who were willing to give a part of themselves in order to get him healthy again.

The decision to donate was actually an easy one because Chris is that type of individual we don’t find very often. He is a kind, thoughtful, patient human being with a big heart. If the roles were exchanged, Chris would donate for anyone of us. Therefore, we are now reaching out to our extended OnTarget family who have come to know Chris at the range.

This Easter season, as we seek introspection and connection between our humanity and our God, please find in your heart the shining light of compassion as you consider being a savior to Chris.

If you are able to help, please contact both and me at We will see that your information is shared with Chris.

With sincerity and hope,


Thomas J. Dorsch

Director of Operations