Why it Can Be Hot On The Range!


One of the main features of OnTarget Range is the pristine air quality that we maintain on the range. You will notice virtually no smoke or gun powder odors on our range, unlike what occurs on many other ranges.

There are three primary reasons for properly ventilating indoor ranges. First, it is important to remove air-borne contaminates from the respiratory zone of shooters created by the firing of a gun in an enclosed space. These contaminants include lead, other heavy metals and carbon monoxide. It is also important to maintain a negative range pressure to ensure that these contaminants to do not migrate to adjoining spaces like our pro shop and classrooms. Finally, it is important to remove smoke from the range to ensure that shooters have a clear view of their targets.

This environment is achieved by exhausting 100% of the air on the range in the incredibly short time of 90 seconds on the pistol side and 180 seconds on the rifle side. In order to accomplish this while maintaining negative air pressure on the ranges, a tremendous amount of fresh air is pulled into the ranges by the supply fans.

The air that is pulled in is at the same temperature as the outside air. From the supply fans, air then exits the diffusers behind the firing line and is evenly distributed in what is know as laminar flow. It is the laminar flow that keeps smoke, lead dust and other contaminants away from you, the shooter. To air condition the entire space of the range would be cost prohibitive as fresh outside air is continuously introduced. In order for the laminar flow to function properly, nothing can be introduced in the area behind the firing line that would disturb the air flow, including benches, shelving units and supplemental fans.

Keep in mind that there are very few summer days that exceed 90 degrees and many are comfortable in the 70 to 80 degree range. The remaining months throughout the fall, winter and spring are very comfortable. Further, we are able to introduce heat over the firing line so that temperatures never drop below 68 degrees in cold weather.

OnTarget is staffed by friendly and patriotic souls who strive to offer the finest customer service and the most practical firearms training to be found in the industry. The goal of OnTarget is to deliver an enjoyable and satisfying experience at all levels of our operation. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned firearms enthusiast, all are welcome at OnTarget . . . your resource for shooting excellence!