Why it Can Be Hot On The Range!

  One of the main features of OnTarget Range is the pristine air quality that we maintain on the range. You will notice virtually no smoke or gun powder odors on our range, unlike what occurs on many other ranges. There are three primary reasons for properly ventilating indoor ranges. First, it is important to … Continued

VirTra Shooting Challenge

This summer, test your speed, accuracy, and judgment utilizing deadly force when employing a firearm in a self-defense situation. By taking…     The VirTra Shooting Challenge! “What is VirTra Again?” The Virtra 100, located in our air-conditioned classroom, is our firearm training simulator used by police, military, and our CCW students. The system is designed … Continued

OnTarget Cares Summer Cause 2016 – Amanda Heil & Max Borchardt

  Amanda Heil and Max Borchardt of McHenry lost their home on May 5, 2016, due to an electrical fire that spread throughout the dwelling. On that fateful night, providence intervened as the family dog woke everyone and they were able to safely get out of their home with their 4-year old daughter Ellie. The … Continued