Perpetrator Interactive, Live-Fire Pistol Training Course

Live-Fire, Pistol Training Course vs. Remote Control, Shoot Back 3D Robot The Perpetrator is a remote controlled, moving target that is 3-dimensional and not paper Course includes: 1) Safety briefing, 2) Pistol instructional drills (including; presentation, reloading, movement, shooting behind cover) 3) Skills Test: Scenario Shootouts vs. Perpetrator Target System 4) Scenario Videos to be … Continued

Most Evil ISIS Target Coming October 14th

Don’t you really want to shoot this? We sure do too! We even took the trouble to custom make our first target ever, just to give everybody the pleasure of shooting at the Most Evil. ISIS Most Evil Target coming October 14th.

A Call to Arms – but first, A Call to Training!

Since we at OnTarget implemented our Virtra firearms training simulator into our concealed carry classes, over 100 students have experienced the adrenalin rush while taking on assailants in dozens of “shoot/don’t shoot” video scenarios. The number one comment heard following their Virtra experience was, “Wow, it looks like I need more training!” Shooting nice groups … Continued